Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Serving Sonoma County

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, hands-on modality that increases overall lymphatic flow and improves circulation

Reduce swelling and puffiness

Relieve pain symptoms

Boost your body systems’ overall wellness

Assist in the speed of healing and recovery from injuries, surgeries and other medical treatments

Feel lighter, clearer and more like your body is working with you, rather than against you

Assist your immune system so that it can perform its best against illness and dis-ease

The better our blood circulation and lymphatic flow, the better our bodies can function! 

MLD helps your body decongest the extensive network of lymph nodes and vessels that run throughout your entire body, both superficially (right underneath your skin) and deep (surrounding your vital organs). 

If you are experiencing swelling, puffiness, and/or feelings of heaviness anywhere in your body, MLD may be your ticket to relief!

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Client Love

Caitlin H.

As a practitioner she is everything one could hope for - knowledgeable, attentive and deeply intuitive. 

“A session with Emilia is a very special thing. Emilia’s natural warmth, joy, openness and gentleness uniquely equip her for the role of energetic conduit. Her strength serves her physical purpose well yet never eclipses her calm sensitivity, giving her the ability to heal with equal integrity. As a result, her practice provides medicine not just for the body, but for the heart, mind and soul. I walked away from a lymphatic massage and reiki session with Emilia feeling lighter, clearer, and blissfully in balance, with the aura fostered fully tangible.”

In Addition to Receiving MLD:

Sessions are 45-60 minutes long in the comfort of your home

I will bring my own massage table, clean sheets, music player (Optional: essential oils and crystals that benefit the lymphatic system, as well as herbs for tea and smudging)

I will teach you safe stretches, exercises and breathing techniques that you can do daily to benefit your lymphatic system

I will show you how to perform self-MLD and provide resources that will empower you to care for your lymphatic system in between MLD sessions and beyond

NOTE: If you have lymphedema or another medical condition, I will need to discuss treatment with your medical doctor prior to commencing manual lymphatic drainage services.

Meet your MLD Practioner

Certified Lymphedema Therapist (OTR/L, CLT-LANA)

Certified in MLD (Vodder Technique) and Complete Decongestive Therapy by the Academy of Lymphatic Studies in San Francisco, CA and the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA).

I am an experienced occupational therapist with a specialization in lymphedema therapy, assisting clients recovering from or in the process of cancer treatments, chronic venous insufficiency, lipedema, congenital lymphedema, post surgeries, and more. 

As a holistic practitioner, I view treating the lymphatic system as an important piece to the wellness puzzle that can bring people relief. A combination of traditional therapy with complementary modalities can offer the best results, which I can bring directly to your doorstep! 

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Your lymphatic system works tirelessly to keep your body healthy and everything flowing as it should

Take care of your lymphatic system so that it can best take care of you!